Focus on head injuries

A concussion is a brain injury.  A concussion isn’t “getting your bell rung.”  It’s a brain injury. We, as people, are our minds. It’s good to see concussions beginning to get the attention they deserve, because nothing is more important to whom we are as people than our brains.  Most every other body part can… Read More

Why Underinsured Motorist Coverage Is So Important

According to a New York Times article dated 8/27/08, nearly 14% of all the drivers on the road nationally have no automobile insurance at all. That’s right, 14 out of every 100 drivers have no auto insurance.  That means that if one of those  of uninsured drivers hits you, and you have no U.I.M (uninsured)… Read More

Bicycling: $3.1 billion dollar benefit

A study by the Task Force on Outdoor Recreation in Washington State showed that bicyclists spend $3.1 billion (yes, that’s a Billion) a year in our state. Of that total, 96% is spent by touring bicyclists – money that they spend on lodging, food, and other shopping.  Most of the money spent by touring bicyclists is… Read More

Make your voice heard on Distracted Driving!

Today is the hearing in the Washington Senate Legislature’s Transportation Committee on the proposed strengthening of the Distracted Driving Bill, SB 5656. Please contact the members of the Transportation Committee. You can help make Washington a safer place by contacting the members of the Senate Transportation Committee here: This legislation would strengthen rules on… Read More

Sharing the road

  I have been a bicycle commuter for more than 25 years.  This was not a planned thing, at least on my part. It all began when my husband bought me a bicycle for my birthday. I was not at all pleased with his gift. I could think of a lot of other things that… Read More